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What is Tipi's Mechelen?

Tipi’s Mechelen is an artistic-poetic installation, located in the beautiful Vrijbroekpark in Mechelen.

Visitors are treated to a selection of poems in various languages in a sound loop. In all their diversity the poems have one thing in common: they are all languages spoken in our city. Therefore typically Mechelen…


Tipi’s Mechelen is a living project. Poems are recited and recorded by residents of Mechelen with a diverse linguistic background. Dutch, Arabic, Lingala, Urdu, Tamazight, Spanish, Mechels, Turkish, there is no lack of variation.

The wood used for the construction of the Tipi comes from trees that were felled in the park due to storm damage, other materials were recycled as much as possible. The carpenters have performed a miracle within these limits: a talking tipi that looks like a wooden yurt.

Where can you find the Tipi

Provinciaal Groendomein Vrijbroekpark
Ridder Dessainlaan 65
2800 Mechelen

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Our partners


Provinciaal Groendomein Vrijbroekpark is the ideal place for leisure and wonder, sports and recreation. A 65-hectare site, encompassing woodland and wilderness, but also ponds, sportfields, restaurants and a playground, it offers something for everyone. The famous rosarium, composed of 122 distinct flower beds, is considered one of Europe’s finest pieces of horticulture.

De Grond Der Dingen

‘Every person in Mechelen one square meter’, that’s the starting point of De Grond der Dingen (The ground/basic of things). What would we do with a piece of land if we could share it? De Grond der Dingen challenges people to ponder this question, make suggestions and negotiate with each other about what is important for the shared city of the future.


The non-profit association Culturl Bridges in Belgium aims to improve the coexistence between the different communities in and around Mechelen by means of culture, art and education. Since 2016, various initiatives such as literary events and language courses have been deployed to this end.